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MBBS in Russia

MBBS in Russia is a very popular for Indian students, Each year, more than 3,000 Indian students go to Russia for MBBS studies. The main reason for this is that, Some medical colleges of Russia are quite popular in the world. and there are so many colleges in Russia who whom MCI is accredited. You can also study your MBBS from the Top Medical College of Russia, just need a right direction and the right suggestion. But before taking admission in any medical college of Russia. you must take the correct information about it because there are some colleges of Russia where medical courses are not available in English medium. so that students have to face many difficulties.

That’s why I would advise you to take complete information about any admission before any medical college. We hope that after talking to our expert you will get a right direction along with a right suggestion. There are some agents in today’s time that can spoil your career for some money. In the beginning, it does not say that the medical education in the college will be in English medium or in another language. If you are going to take admission through an agent then be cautious.

Disadvantages to Study MBBS in Russia

Every year a large number of Indian students go to Russia to study MBBS. And thousands of doctors are practicing in India who have studied their MBBS from Russia. Before taking admission in any medical college in Russia, it is very important to look at some things. Such as.. Medium of course is English or not?. There are many such colleges of Russia where there are  bilingual medical program is running, in which 3 years of study is done in English medium and the remaining 3 years of studies are done in Russian medium. So that the students have to face a lot of difficulties and at that condition student want to change the university.

Let me tell you if two medical colleges complete your MBBS education, then the Medical Council of India does not recognize that degree, it means that you are not liable to practice in India. If you are also going to take admission in any medical college of Russia, then do not take any decisions in the hurry, it may spoil your future.

Due to some agent you can go through these problems, so please take care of some things.

  • Some agents will tell you less fees at startup and when you go to college you will know that the college fee is just another.
  • Some agents will tell you that if you deposit 6 years of college fees together, the college will discount you in your fee structure. While this does not happen at all, this is just a way of misleading the student.
  • MCI coaching is not available in most colleges of Russia, so that students have to face difficulties in writing MCI(FMGE) exams and this does not make the result of FMGE even better.
  • MCI classes are not available in most colleges in Russia, only a few colleges Where MCI classes are available. But agents do not tell this truth.

MBBS in Russia Advantages

Low cost: Medical education in Russia is cheaper than the other country. Here the fee of the top-rank universities is very low. Russia can be a great option for middle-class students who are unable to donate to Indian Medical College.

Quality of Education: There is also some good university in Russia that provides good medical education where students can become a good doctor.

MCI Classes for Indian Students: MCI classes are not available in most colleges in Russia but some colleges are where Indian faculty conducts MCI classes.

Globally Recognized Degree:  Nowadays, Russia is at a big stage in the field of medical, Russia is very famous in the world for its medical education, and the medical degree of Russian is valid in most countries.

Cost of Living

The cost of accommodation and food in Russia is almost the same as that of India, there is a monthly cost of up to $ 100 for living here. It is enough for student to pay hostel and mess fees. Here clothes, shoes, medicines shops etc. are available at low cost, so that students do not have to face any problem. If we talk about transport in Russia then this is a bit expensive from India. but the convenience of transport is very good, which does not have to face any kind of problem. If your budget is low and you want to do MBBS from abroad then Russia may be a great option for you if you choose a right college at the time of admission.